Slate Flooring

Installing a floor on another existing is possible, but certain conditions must be met: the existing floor must be perfectly set, which can be checked by an experienced professional. You need to check whether the increase (however small) floor level after pasting the new finish will not prevent freewheeling door (if it occurs, may be made ​​a cut on the underside of the door leaf) or not cause steps in relation to rooms that do not have your raised floor.

First step: CLEANING 

Cleanliness is extremely important, especially to remove more dirt impregnated waxes and older. Detergent Ultra Stripper or Heavy Cleaning Detergent PEK have this feature, remove waxes and stubborn dirt, and more: no damage or alter the natural properties of the material. Both are characterized as concentrated detergents which act from the inside out by removing more encrusted residues. 

Detergent Ultra Stripper and Heavy Cleaning Detergent Pek should be applied on the surface and, after 20 minutes, the product should be scrubbed with a broom and removed with water. Both can be diluted and, depending on the need, the ratio can be increased or even may be applied alone, in this latter case. The Ultra Stripper yields approximately 100 m². Already Pek Cleaning Detergent Heavy 120sqm. 

Second step: SHINE 

As we said earlier, the main concern when it comes to Slate Flooring is regarding which wax to use. In market there are many brands that claim to be specific to this type of flooring, but that does not give good results. When applying them, with the passage of time, several layers of wax build up. For glare coatings Slate Flooring, we recommend Spaak Wax for Slate Flooring. 

With Italian technology Wax Spaak was specially developed for the treatment of Slate Floorings. His formula gives gloss to the material, protects against water and other dirt from day to day, facilitating cleaning and maintenance. Spaak is characterized by good resistance to traffic and provides a great shine to the coat.

You should also verify if the problem does not occur finishing the meeting of the new floor with sanitary wares. The laying of new flooring is to be executed with the proper adhesive mortars for bonding surface on floor and the surface must be properly prepared for a perfect grip (remove all fat and impurities and sanding with a wire brush).